Holtech Group is a Professional Development firm.

Holtech  Group‘s focus is on people and relationships.

Holtech Group  provides services that are outside the box of common fads and trends.

Holtech Group is about preparing and equipping individual people for success in: relationships; life; business; work and play, because for effective people all aspects are co-existent.

Holtech Group  believes in building partnerships and alliances on a foundation of strong principles and ethical behaviours.

Holtech Group chooses the markets, clients and people it wishes to serve, on the basis of like-mindedness and commonality of principles and ethics.

Caveat:  There is a caveat:  We can lead a horse to water but we cannot make it drink!  Ultimately it is up to the learner to apply the learning and make positive and effective paradigm shifts which must come from within the person.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “if you always do what you always did and expect different results, you must be insane.”

The Holtech Group services the East Coast of Australia from offices in Sydney, Inverell and Brisbane.