Holtech Group Professional Services, design, develop and deliver specialised and customised courses and programs to specific customer needs and requirements, in:

  • Contract Administration
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Relationships Management – Partnering – Cooperative Contracting – Collaborative Contracting
  • Team Development
  • Quality Systems
  • Applied Interpersonal Skills

Our clients include Government Agencies, Corporate Sector, Professionals and Manufacturing.

Holtech Group courses range from half-day to three-day duration, and programs range from six weeks to eighteen months.

Unless otherwise specified, all courses and programs involve a high degree of student participation through workshops, role-plays, tests and assessments, all of which contribute to student retention of imparted learning.  To this end the general format of courses and programs is a combination of lectures, presentations, workshops and short assignments.

Class sizes range from five to twenty students.